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Digital NPP Responsive Website with Animations

Digital NPP Responsive Website with Animations


Designed to not only to keep the end user engaged from beginning to end, but to also help adsorb key information. One simple homepage for both HCP and Health Plan forms.


Created for more than the desktop computer; swipe through on iPads and mobile devices to reach the growing demographic of mobile users.


Why horizontal? Making this website horizontal allows the end user to read through the information as a narrative, helping to keep them engaged and attentive. An horizontal site also helps for implementation on other website since this notice of privacy can be placed as a scrolling banner.


Input fields are incorporated to allow “users to include information unique to their entity, such as organization name, contact information or the name and contact information of their privacy officer” and “to be able to insert an effective date of notice.”


Why not parallax? Animations are automatic upon certain key frames, not on a timeline to simply user actions for a demographic not familiar with parallax websites.


Editing content? Although XML files are easily editable even without a developer to add additional content, animations will not be performed for the additional content. To keep the end user engaged, this is a trade off.


Digital Notice of Privacy Practice demo site:


GitHub Source Files:

Team Name Wigu Studios

Team Leader Name Mark Lin



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