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Front-End Responsive and Accessible NPP Boilerplate

This is a responsive boilerplate front-end Notice of Privacy Policy, built using HTML5 and CSS3. It is supported on all modern browsers, legacy browsers down to IE8, and mobile devices and tablets including Nexus 4, iPhone, and iPad. There are no dependencies on JavaScript. It's Section 508 compliant, with appropriate headlines, ALT attributes, roles, titles, and tagging for external links. The design responds well to user adjustments to font-size.


The design has a familiar, comfortable appearance to the paper version of the NPP, but more readable for display in a browser, especially as the design is scaled down to mobile size. The layout could be expanded to support expanding and contracting sections.


The layout is easy to edit and customize for a specific provider or plan, with the markup and styles being written modularly. There's a navigation menu at the top, a menu to switch languages, and a footer menu at the bottom with quick links to do certain tasks, such as print, e-mail, or save the NPP to your Dropbox. The layout is printer-friendly, although would require hosting on a provider or plan's server any third-party compatibility for services like e-mail or Dropbox.


The design can be customized to match a provider's look and feel, and can be a standalone website link at a separate page or pop-up, or can be beautifully embedded within the experience of a provider or plan's website.





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