Voting on the Digital Privacy Notice Challenge

Game for Understanding Your Healthcare Privacy Statement

A simple game of match the columns makes the reader read the content one section at a time. They need to answer a small quiz to successfully move to the next section. After all sections are successfully cleared by the reader, they receive a randomly generated 4 digit number that they need to take to the front desk/reception.This number simply indicates that they did really read and completed the entire privacy quiz.


The game operates in two modes - in a larger screen its a drag and drop of numbers to the relevant answer. In a small mobile view, the game changes into radio buttons that the player needs to select.


The Provider and Health Plan games are identical except for their content. Though very simple, it will really make you read and understand your privacy statements.


Demo URLs:


Try either one out. Good luck !


PS: Do report the 4 digit verification code that you get at end of the test.

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Team Leader Name Amit Kulkarni


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