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Mobile, responsive and ARIA-accessible Digital PPN



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This entry was written to be mobile-first. What that means is that the application looks great and works well on any device that has a web browser - iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. More importantly, this application adjusts its presentation based on the device resolution, so that no matter the size of the screen, the notice is usable, easy to scan and read, and the links work as designed.


Print usability has also been taken into account. Each notice in this app is printer-friendly, and ensures that items are legible, hidden items are printed (additional details, for example) and that timestamps are printed on both the top and bottom of the pages.


This web application follows best practices for creating accessible web applications that can be used by persons with poor or no vision. Care has been taken to create to markup the document semantically, so that the emphasis is correctly placed on words, so that lists are correctly output by screen readers and so that visual design in no way impacts readability and accessibility of the content.


Customization is achieved via editing a simple JSON file that contains all of the organization-specific details, including name, phone, fax, specific introductory language (English and Spanish) as well as notes and other information. This file can be externalized to allow for even greater customization!

Team Name PatientPrivilege

Team Leader Name Anatoly Geyfman

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