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We designed the "NPP - Notice of Privacy Practices" site as a 100% self-contained fully responsive site.


NPP User Facing Demo Site:

NPP Admin Editor Demo Site:


Admin Editor Site - Login Credentials

Username: admin

Password: nppadmin


GitHub Source Files:


The design and setup of the site benefits both "End-Users" and "Entities" immediately.

Benefits To End-Users

- Access NPP site using a variety of devices (i.e. Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone, etc.)

- Can reach any part of the site with just one or two clicks (or touch).

- Easy to navigate to any part of the site.

- Clear color-coded sections and icons for easy recognition.

- Available in both English and Spanish versions.

Benefits To Entities

- One-step simple setup and done within minutes (simple copy and paste of a folder).

- Does not affect any other part of the entity's existing web site, structure, or its pages.

- Easy to move/replicate to different servers (as simple as copy and paste to new servers/locations).

- Ready to host on secure "https" sites.

- Edit the NPP content directly with NPP "Admin Editor" tool - as simple as editing a text document.

- All notices content is formatted in industry standard JSON formatted files for easy editing and management.

- Content edited in the Admin tool is automatically formatted and displayed to the end-user.

- Using Admin Editor tool the admin can easily edit:

- Edit both "Provider" and "Plan" notices.

- Edit both English and Spanish versions.

- Edit general information (i.e. Entity name, Effective date, Contact information, etc.)

- If required, complex HTML and CSS tags can be used (no restrictions).



One-step installation - just copy and paste the "npp" website folder and all its contents on to your Web server and it is ready to use.



Back-end : PHP (version 5.3+)

Front-end : HTML5, CSS, JavaScript (JQuery, and stand-alone javascripts)




Client - End-Users - i.e. User Facing Site

- Any modern browser(s) - i.e. Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.

- Any type of device(s) - i.e. Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone, etc.

- Any operating systems - i.e. Windows (8, 7, Vista, etc.), Mac OS X, Linux, Chrome OS, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, etc.


Entity - Web Server

- PHP (version 5.3+)


Entity - Admin - i.e. Admin Editor Tool

- Any modern browser(s) - i.e. Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.

- Type of device(s) - Desktop, Laptop.

- Operating system(s) - Windows (8, 7, Vista, etc.), Mac OS X, Linux.



The attached "" file consists of the following structure:


NPP\NPP-Readme.pdf - This file - Readme file.

NPP\NPP-Slides.pdf - Slides file.

NPP\Website\ - NPP User facing and admin sites (copy contents of this folder to your Web server).

NPP\Website\npp\ - NPP User facing web site.

NPP\Website\npp\admin\ - NPP Admin Editor site.



Demo: The sites "" and "" are setup as a demo for this challenge. To avoid accidental changes by public/reviewers/voters/etc. and to avoid confusion during review, the demo Admin Editor tool does not directly update the User facing site.

Live: The files in GitHub and attached "Website\npp\" folder contains live setup files, where the Admin Editor tool updates the User facing site directly. Try live version at "" and "". The admin credentials for live site are same as the demo site.



Team Name The Raj

Team Leader Name Raj Arangarasan, Ph.D.

Link to Entry (if applicable. One per line.)

NPP User Facing Demo Site:

NPP Admin Editor Demo Site:

GitHub Source Files:



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